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Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage Basaltex Squash Racket
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String Tension, only required if choosing string upgrade


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  •   Isomorph Shaft
  •   Basaltex Multiaxial
  •   Supplied with 3/4 Cover
  •   Racket of Mohamed El Shorbagy
  •   All-Round Racket
  •   14 x 18 Stringing
  •   Absolute Squash Grip


Weight 125 g
Length 27 mm
Head Size 78 sq/in
Balance 350 mm
Construction Graphite and Basalt Multiaxial


Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage Basaltex Squash Racket

Isomorph Shaft - A circular core shaft with elipse sides creates a balance between the stiff and flex shafts. The shaft helps to balance the control and power aspect while the extended frame improves string bed repulsion, improving the power to suit the control player needing a more powerful racket.

Basaltex Multiaxial - Basalt mineral and graphite composite in the frame reduces the high frequency vibrations through the frame. The multiaxial dimension uses basalt running along the graphite and between the layers to control any vibrations that may reach the hand.

Absolute Squash grip - The grip used by Mohamed El Shorbagy and Thierry Lincou. High grip and absorption to keep a dry feel for longer.
"Outstanding racquet" - Brian B. 31/10/2014

I have played a few games with this racquet so far and I am thoroughly impressed. The best phrase to describe this racquet is; As light as a feather but can sting like a bee. This is not only because of its yellow and black colour scheme but because of the lightness of the frame combined with those fabulous tecnifibre 305+ strings. The frame is stiff with a nice thin shaft that feels very comfortable in the hand. What I would say is that I echo what others have said about the sweet spot. When you hit that sweet spot you know about it, the same is said about if you don’t. Although there is little vibration when you are off the sweet spot the ball will definitely not go where you wanted it to go. Hit that sweet spot on the volleys and the drives and you will feel the power of this racquet. I found that I was hitting the nick more consistently as soon I had figured out where that sweet spot was. For the up court shots you can just let the ball come off those strings as long as you have it aligned on the sweet spot, if you want to be sure then a soft tap will help the ball on its way. Saying this I have discovered that using your wrist more in taking shots really helps produce a lot of power whilst using this racquet. If I did this with my previous racquet it would not have the same effect as it is slightly head heavier and harder to power through only using minimal arm movement. Perhaps this is just me but it definitely has made a difference. The ball pings of those Tecnifibr


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